Subject line in Outlook 365 height has shrunk so you can't read the subject.

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Anyone else seeing this issue?

The subject line in Outlook has shrunk so you can no longer see the subject when you open an email.  The same thing occurs when setting up a meeting.  It's not a font issue, its the height of the subject field that is the issue.

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I don't seem to have those issues, did you try a different browser?

It's the computer version not the web version.  @Vasil Michev 

You need to specify which exact version/build that is then, I certainly don't have the issue on 1908/2001 builds I have on my devices.

Windows 10 Feature 1909, Office 365 version 2001 build 12430.20184, 16.0.12430.20172. @Vasil Michev 

That's confirmed as a known issue and should be solved soon, no action is required on your end as supposedly it's caused by a service change.

@Vasil Michev Hi Vasil,could you please provide me case number or link to the ticket on MS support team? Thank you and have a nice day. Regards,Martin

it was solved the past 3 weeks and today it shrunk again.

please help me in how to solve it.@JohnF2150