Strange Outlook Email Problem?

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Started a few days ago when I booted up PC and went to check emails.  Basically I wasn't receiving any!  Tried a few things without luck and then clicked "work off line" clicked it again, (to return online) and hey presto all emails came through.  The problem is now when I enter outlook for the first time I have to click "work offline" twice again for the emails to come through.  If I stay logged in they appear throughout the day as normal but as soon as I log out and in again that double click is needed.  It is NOT in offline mode to start with I must add, it is connected but it requires double clicking to offline then back to online to get things moving.  As far as I can remember I haven't accidently changed a setting so baffled as to why this has started.  Still have Windows Live Mail as well and when I enter that emails straight away come through so it must be an outlook issue.,  Any ideas appreciated?

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