Stop email from getting locked out

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Hi everyone,


I've written a small program for a business and one of the components of this is it sends out an automatic email at the end of each month to stakeholders.

This runs entirely by itself being a service on the server, but i've noticed the email account I used ( keeps getting locked for security reasons.

Are there any settings I can change to mitigate this or is there a specific email account I should be using?


Any help is appreciated.



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Use a service that specializes in sending bulk email instead of account.
Hi Vasil, it isn’t bulk though. It is 2 emails at most every month
Are you sending as the address or spoofing? SPF fails can cause such issues, though generally speaking we don't have much visibility into mail flow for personal accounts.
Sending as the outlook address, it’s done via Microsoft’s System.Mail package for c# with an smtp client and ssl enabled.
After another look, it seems that it might be to to with periodic verification, where your required to sign in again. So might be better to ask if it’s possible to disable that somehow?