Status 'Poll for a time to meet'?

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Anybody out there who knows what the status and plans are around 'Poll for a time to meet'? Our targeted release users have received this feature a long time ago but our regular users not.

I consider this a very valuable addition to Outlook but we cannot communicate about it as it is not deployed.

On the status is still set to Rolling Out, with estimate release date being Q2 CY2017.


We have never used FindTime and have no intention to start using it as 'Poll for a time to meet' seems to be the future direction.

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THought they changed the name of both to find a time and it should be available for every user

@Deleted, nope. For us for a very limited set of people it is still appearing as 'Poll for a time to meet':


Poll for a time to meet.png

Hi Joost,


Since you are dutch this link will help you I hope:


and as you can read in the blog I was a bit wrong :\

Just bumping this, as I'm in the same situation.  Not prepared to release the Outlook FindTime feature until we are assured regarding data location (GDPR and all that).