Sports Calendar Incorrect Times Dates

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I realize that anyone here is not an employee of MS.  I appreciate your help, but please do not assume I'm an idiot.  Please be assured that I have restarted, reinstalled, and updated all possibilities several times over before coming here.  Please consider for one moment that this may be an issue with Microsoft and not the user before providing any response.



I'm using a Dell PC running Windows 10.  Regarding the Calendar App;  When I add the LA Galaxy calendar, from the app's list of available calendars, the dates and times are incorrect.  No one plays soccer at 2AM.  And yes, the location setting is on for Calendar.  And yes, the time zone for Outlook is correct.  All other calendars that have been added show the correct time and date.  This leads me to believe that this issue is with this particular calendar and that it's probably a bad setting or corrupt info on the server.  However, I'm not an expert.  

Please feel free to ask for any further information that I can provide, but again, please don't suggest the anything that's already been mentioned in the preamble.  Also, please install the LA Galaxy calendar on your computer to see if your suggestion works before posting it here.  Thank you in advance for your help.

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I am having the same issue. Ive had 3 sports calendars added which are ALL acting inappropriately. NFL/Cleveland Browns is 3 hours off. I am in Eastern time and its displaying 3 hours in the future. Game for this Friday is 8:30pm but displays 11:30pm on the sports calendar in (This is my Microsoft account). - I deleted and added several times and its still the same. I also went into my business Office 365 and added the sports calendar to my work account and the result is the same. 3 hours in the future. The other Cals. Ohio State Buckeyes is not even working. No games are displaying. And the Cleveland Guardians schedule is incomplete, showing the last 4 weeks of games in the past, but none coming up. And the time is same as the NFL, 3 hours in future.

I have checked the web settings in (MSA & Office365) and my regional/timezone settings are correct. I confirmed my WIndows 11 PC settings are correct with proper regional and time zone settings.
I have the same issue

I experience the same issue. I subscribe to the Premier League calendar with all games. It displays times correctly, but when subscribing to the Arsenal specific calendar it shows me the local time (which is 2 hours off for me).

Sooooo, no response. Echoooooo. Wow.
Same issue here.
I'm having the same issue with every NFL calendar I'm trying to add and have been trying to google search for solutions but haven't found any yet.

@walaau I invited my outlook id self to my Google id calendar then added Google nfl options. So in my outlook calendar i see my google calendar and my daughters, along with my personal outlook stuff. Working just fine. 

Same issue here, i added the Italian Seria A Soccer schedule for AC Milan. the time is 2 hours less than my time, it is the original time in Italy.
i did not have this issue last year.

@Scoid205 I have the same issue with the Chicago Bears calendar. It shows a time 5 hours in the future, which, coincidentally or not, is UTC (aka GMT). My time zone settings all seem to be correct, and my default and My Family calendars display the correct time.

I am also having this same issue with all Microsoft sports calendars.
Same issue has me here. Times way off by like 5 hours for all calendars.
Same issue here. I have two sports cals added (Cincinnati Reds & Cincinnati Bengals). Both are showing the game time as 3 hours after the actual game is set to start. No matter what time zone I'm in. This is from my work email in Microsoft 365. Shows incorrect time if I'm using the webclient, Outlook desktop client, or my IOS Outlook app.
Add my name to the list showing that this is still occurring. Haven't seen a solution posted anywhere?

These calendars are useless if they are always showing the incorrect times. Anyone know of any non-Microsoft alternatives?

@snorma01 I have shared my google calendar with my microsoft id and I use that only for the sports calendar. I created a gmail ID around 2000 when our office was setting up Outlook and the IT guys couldn't get it done. 

Add me to the list if someone figures out a way to fix that is different than Google workaround
Hey all - adding this as option. I just went to my fav team LA Rams and looked on their website and they had a game schedule export. Worked for me. So you can become a Ram fan……or perhaps your fav team has similar. Here is link to Rams page that had it for reference



Same problem here, last year worked fine. This is infuriating. Tried importing calendar from the actual sports website for the teams and they still show wrong Time. Hope someone finds a solution soon.

Google calendar has the same functionality now, gonna just add that calendar instead since Microsoft breaks stuff and then doesn't care to fix