Spam spoofing my email to get passed rules/filtering

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Hello, I hope someone can help. I'm getting a lot of spam into my inbox because they are spoofing my email. I'm not sure how or why its coming to me but I don't know how to stop it. I have the strictest of filtering and spam on, yet these still come to my inbox. I have completely blocked the aol domain as no one I know uses it yet still they come, always from the same blocked email. My email is secure, I have two auth on it and theres no indication anyone has hacked my account and theres no sent emails in that folder, but I just wanted to see if anyone else has had this and has been able to find a way to stop it (or at least get it to go to the spam where it belongs)


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Hi @RandomWindowArt,


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You are doing all the right things. Junk Emails are hard to control. In your case, I recommend the following:


* Continue to Report junk emails to Microsoft. 



You can also create a OWA rule to move all emails to either the Junk Folder or just Delete it.




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Not acceptable ! Something is wrong with Hotmail. EVERY spam email is going directly to inbox. Just started a few hours ago. How do we notify higher-ups at Microsoft ? Not some independent person. There is something broken they need to fix. I am in process of DL all my mail so I can delete account. Not putting up with this.