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Lots of Spam emails being received so placing email addresses and domains in the Outlook blocked senders and domains list from the message source info - quite often there's 2 or 3 addresses to block. Using Outlook online and not an app either. However, today Spam emails are coming through for addresses and domains already on the blocked list and wondered if anyone had any idea why? Btw...filters are also ticked to only allow safe addresses to be placed in the Inbox which isn't working.

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Btw.......before today the Spam emails were being blocked / deleted that are on the blocked list.
Same , ALL my spam is going to my inbox. WTH is wrong with Microshaft ? This is beyond unacceptable. In process of DL my email from Microsoft then I will delete the account.

Junk email filter lists look to be no longer. :(

Same problem  here, have had this happen a couple times. Betting someone as MS made a change this weekend and forgot something. Hoping they get it fixed quickly as I have had about 53 spam emails overnight.

I already use Proton VPN free , just set up their Free Proton mail and moved important email there.
Hotmail has been Hot Garbage since the beginning. Dozens of spams per day , while Gmail gets ZERO. Hotmail "reads" your email and SPAM is generated from that. I should have done this LONG ago. Funny thing is , my @live account does not have this problem.
WOW Google One is only 49 cents 1 month then $1.99/month for shared 100GB for all services such as Drive and Gmail. Never get spam there now on free one , now I have options !
Forgot something minor, like TESTING.

@SteveW32 Same problem here. Over the summer it happened once as well, then quit happening, but a number of spams were still sneaking through - today it's been hundreds. I made no settings changes on my end. HELP, MICROSOFT! What changed?!

@SteveW32  & everyone.

Tonight, I keep getting a popup:

"Cannot add to the server Junk Email Lists, you are over the size allowed on the server. The Junk Email Filter on the server will be disabled until your Junk Email Lists have been reduced to the size allowed on the server.

Would you like to manage your Juknk Email Lists now?"

Push buttons: "Manage Lists" & "Cancel".

3 times I deleted 500 names on list.

3 times the list returned completely full. I give up!

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Was resolved a day after reporting this issue - no comment / feedback / communication from Microsoft to advise what the issue had been - thank you for such great comms.........

@Stepstone Instead of creating endless rules for spam I do the opposite, create a few rules with exceptions to handle false positives. See the description at the end of this page.