Spam and/or Junk E-Mail on Outlook 2021

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I'm using Outlook from MS Office Pro Plus 2021 and I see a few anomalies regarding incoming Spam and Junk E-Mail. I'm a long time user of Outlook but this 2021 version has added some terminology that has me scratching my head so I apologize in advance if my question(s) seem obvious to some and ludicrous to others.


My first observation is that currently the thinking in Outlook is that Spam and Junk-Email are the same or at least end up in the same folder. That's what I gather from the Help files but my problem is that it does not necessarily end up that way.


I have two different email accounts, each to a different server. My primary account did not have a folder automatically created during setup named "Spam" but it does have a folder named "Junk E-Mail" in which nothing ever appears in it.


In my second email account, a "Spam" folder was automatically created but in addition two other folders were created, "Junk E-Mail" and "Junk Mail".


The only difference between these two accounts, other than the different servers, is that the primary account is a POP3 account while the second one is an IMAP account. So why are differently named folders being created between the two account?


My next question would be why am I not seeing any mail in the spam/junk folder of the primary account. The SpamAssassin from that email server is enabled and it should be setting the subject name to [SPAM] on any offending mail that meets the criteria. So the question now becomes just where is Outlook 2019 storing these incoming spam messages on my local drives?


Before anyone says that maybe I'm just a lucky guy and I don't get any spam, be advised that one day ago I installed an older version Outlook 2010 on a second "standby/spare" computer of mine. Using the same account properties for my primary account, it automatically created a "Spam" folder as well as a "Junk Mail" folder. It then proceeded to contact my email server and downloaded 128 messages with the word "SPAM" added to the subject line and those files went into the Spam folder. In other words, Outlook 2010 was able to grab these messages off the server and display them in the Spam folder for the user to review but Outlook 2021 seems to be oblivious to their existence. So the final question might be if I have changed something in the Settings in Outlook 2021 in that it just automatically deletes Spam mail without allowing me to view it and if so, how do I change that? (The SpamAssassin was a little over-zealous in a few of those messages that were up to a month old and I'd like to see these messages when received so that I can make the decision to keep or delete. This worked well in 2010 but I'm failing miserably in 2019.)


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