Sortd for Outlook


Now I've seen this, I don't think I can go another day without it - Microsoft, please tell me you are working on something similar for Outlook!!

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That looks awesome maybe a third party already made something like that.





We're just making the switch from Google Apps to O365, and Sortd is bar none the most critical tool I'm losing in the transition. Please tell me someone has come up with a solution in Outlook. I literally run my life with Sortd.

It's been over a year since the last reply on this. Any new news? I'd love to get Sortd (or Sortd functionality) in Outlook for Mac!

I feel the same way about sortd.  I am checking out  It seems to have a very similar feel but supports both outlook and gmail.


I hope this helps!

Also check out this page

Thank you for this! Working ("playing") in Flow-E now and, although an unfamiliar interface, it seems very promising.