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I suddenly got this message in Outlook. I did the following but #4 was already checked. I unchecked it..restarted went back and checked it again and restarted but still wont work. 

I have done the online repair and it let me corporate email work for about 5 mins but not the gmail accounts and then all are not working again. 

1.  Open Outlook or any other Office Application
2.  Select FileOffice Account
3.  Under Account Privacy, choose Manage Settings
4.  Check the box Enable optional connected experiences

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@Zeus_Soccer  Do you use 2-factor authentication with google? If not, did you log into your google security settings and verify google did not disable 'allow less secure apps'? 

Tks for your reply. I dont use 2 factor authentication and i did check gmail settings and allow less secure apps isnt disabled...its so strange...i have a desktop and 2 laptops with outlook and they work fine on the other 2. So just happened out of nowhere.