Something went wrong [2400] error in outlook application

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Something went wrong [2400] error in outlook application. Web outlook is working fine.


Tried outlook repair, reinstallation, new profile creation and cleared password from device credential manager still issue persist. Seems like Microsoft issue.

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Hi Sivachandran_Palani,

Can you create a new Windows profile and try again? If this fixes the issue: the error is related to your Windows profile (AppData).

You can also try this workaround that I posted earlier in the MTC:


Hi @MathieuVandenHautte 


Could you please explain what is the usage of "Microsoft.AAD.BrokerPlugin_cw5n1h2txyewy"?


If we delete it does it cause any issues with Windows device or user's Microsoft account? Do we have to take any precautions while renaming this?

Hi Sivachandran_Palani,


The Microsoft.AAD.BrokerPlugin handels authentication (Active Directory Authentication Library or Live ID) in Office applications  when you try to connect to Microsoft 365 services.

This action will not cause any issues. The folder and it's content will be recreated automatically.