Some installs have new round profile pictures whilst others have the normal square ones

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As per the title some of our Outlook 2016 install seem to have a newer profile picture style using round images for the contact profiles and also the groups, these are on the same version. See below



Any ideas why this is?

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Interesting. Are both of these the same SKU? Do you have the same version of SfB installed? What's the MSO version (click the About button)?

Same thing here. I got three machine with Office v-1701, build 7766.2047, and on two of them the round profile images appear, while on one machine the square images persist.




So my workstation updated to Version 1701 (Build 7766.2047) MSO (16.0.7766.7054) and now has the wound profile images (this one was stuck on the old ones previously).  Perhaps it was something they were rolling out in stages.

hmm... meanwhile I've updated to v-1701, build 7766.2047, but unfortunately, still looking at the square profile images.


Not sure whether a phased implementation of this feature by Microsoft explains the issue. What I understand is that if an update is deployed in stages it is done by region (maybe I'm wrong, so please correct is so).


And as my PCs are obviously in the region, it's rather a bug. Or am I missing something?

I haven't had much time to look into this recently but I know at least one of the workststaions in the office still has the square images on the same version as the others, I did have theory that Outlook clients with an outlook/hotmail account attached were getting this feature but thats out of the window since my office machine got the round pictures. I'm on my home pc now and its got them on the same build as youCapture.PNG

Simply uninstalling and re-installing of Office did the trick. I got now round images on all my PCs...


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Thanks, I will see if we have any left around the office with the square profiles and re-install to test.

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I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling Office 365 Pro Plus (v1704) and still the pictures are square, but on another computer (same offline install I made) and they are round :\ Do you know why does that happen?

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May be this depends on the Windows installation? I have a desktop with Windows 1607 with squared profile picturs in Outlook 16.0.8067.2115. And priority mailbox function is not visible. (Skype for Business are round here!?)

And I have a laptop with Windows 1705 with round profile pictures in Outlook 16.0.8067.2115. Priority mailbox function is visible.


Does somebody have an idea how to solve this? Or know why this differences exist?



In our case I've noticed that Teams created from a web browser shows as a circle, while teams created from the Desktop App shows as a square. Maybe is just a coincidence @Ralf van Nunen