SOLUTION: New Outlook removed "switch back to old outlook" button.

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This is for anyone else who no longer sees the button to switch back to the old outlook. I have included step by step photos to get back to the old outlook!


First click "Help" at the top left.


Screenshot 2024-06-15 113130.png


Below "Help" should bring up another menu, now select "Feedback".


Screenshot 2024-06-15 113243.png


Now look to the very right and you should see the option to select a feedback option,

select "Report a problem".


Screenshot 2024-06-15 113520.png


Now you should see a box where you can type what the problem is, make sure to clearly mention that you cannot switch back to the old outlook, the button is missing and you want to switch back to the old outlook, this is important because when you submit this answer it will scan your message and generate possible solutions.


Screenshot 2024-06-15 114423.png


Once you've filled out the box with your problem, scroll down, click yes or no on both options (it doesn't matter what you choose but you need to select an answer for both), then click "Submit" at the bottom.


Screenshot 2024-06-15 114635.png


It will diagnose the problem and match you up with one or more possible solutions, make sure you see this one below that says "toggling out of the new outlook for windows preview", DO NOT CLICK "Yes" AT THE BOTTOM or it will end the feedback and assume you got your answer and you will need to restart this process. Instead you need to click on the arrow that is circled in this picture.


Screenshot 2024-06-15 114753.png


Freedom awaits, now click on "Do it for me" and it will automatically take you back to the old outlook. Congratulations! You've graduated from this circus of chaos and confusion. Farewell, and may your future endeavors be as comforting and delightful as a slice of warm, homemade buttered bread.


Screenshot 2024-06-15 114835.png

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Worked, until I closed and opened again!

Only a registry entry should fix this maggot mass.

thank you! looked for this for a while
Yes, it will decide to just switch you back to the new outlook but you can repeat this process to get back to the old outlook again. Sometimes you're last feedback session will still be open and you will need to end it before you can restart the process but it will work again. I don't understand why they want us to use the new outlook so badly.

For Mail and Calendar users, you are less than six months away before New Outlook will be "The Outlook." Reverting to the classic Outlook is not recommended despite the missing features.


I have a video playlist to assist end users with their New Outlook journey. It includes monthly feature rollouts, workaround solutions, and a discussion of limitations. 


Teresa #traccreations4e 6/19/2024



That's such a shame, the new outlook is much less user friendly and too confusing to look at. A lot of us don't want all these extra features, we just want to be able to check our mail easily and quickly. I use Outlook for my work and I need my emails to be read and viewed quickly but the New Outlook is clumsy to use and makes my work take longer. More doesn't always equal better and the New Outlook perfectly demonstrates that.
After closing and restarting a few times I decided to just leave the old outlook app open and it works fine, it won't randomly switch back if you just keep it open. Looks like we only have till the end of this year though and then we will all be forced to use the new outlook :(

I followed the steps, asked the system to switch me back to old outlook and then was asked for my email and password.  The response was


"We couldn't log on to the incoming (IMAP) server.  Please check your email address and password and try again."


I have tried this with both of my email accounts with the same results. 

i think the removed that option doesnt go back anymore .. i am missing all my appointments today and upcoming weeks birthdays todos and what else was in my agenda its all gone because i cant switch back. i have been trying to search for the pst file i gues i must wait from my clients to call me where i am at..this sucks big time.. iam loosing money and dissapoiting people upcoming weeks i wonder if i can hold microsoft responsible  @troyb16 

Are you able to see the help button? Which part is removed that you don't see anymore?
So is it your to-do list that you need for all your appointments and everything?

Hi @Teresa_Cyrus 


I understand your enthusiasm for the new Outlook, but it's important to note that the new Outlook is essentially an encapsulated version of the Outlook Web App (OWA), functioning more like a browser within an EXE that displays an internet site. This makes it fundamentally different from the classic Outlook application.


The classic Outlook is maintained until at least 2029 for a reason. It offers robust, offline functionality and a feature set that many users rely on for their daily operations. While the new Outlook has its merits, it's not a direct replacement and lacks some of the depth and capabilities of the classic version.

For those reasons, many users might find the transition challenging. It’s crucial for Microsoft to develop a truly new version of the classic application that incorporates the strengths of both platforms, rather than just repackaging the web app.


I appreciate the resources you've provided for the transition, and I'm sure they will be helpful for some users, but in my opinion it's not a good answer to the question asked.

true.. microsoft manged my registry so it wont pop back now :).. i have a button to swith to new.. not gonna touch it
Under the help tab, I find the switch back to classic outlook selection. When I do that, the prompt askes for my email address - and the system responds that it can not connect to the IMAP server, check my email address and try again. One suggestion was to check my IMAP settings but, I would have no idea where to find IMAP settings or what to do about them if I did.
The problem with New Outlook is it has lost its functionality related to moving emails from one old computer to the new computer. You can no longer copy the emails to a thumb drive and move the .pst files over. The import function is missing.
And this is only one of the many features missing...

@troyb16 I found an alternative solution. In New Outlook
1. Click the "Help" menu
2. At the right end of the "Help" menu, select "Go to Classic Outlook"
Once I did that, the Windows "Mail" app icon would once again launch Windows Mail rather than launching New Outlook.



But when I did that, input my yahoo email address and password, the error says it can not connect to the IMAP server. I have tried to correct any IMAP server settings but according to all on-line sources, they are set correctly. Still does not work.