Smart Lookup missing in right-click context menu when reading email

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There used to be 'Smart Lookup' in the right-click context menu in Outlook 2016 while reading email.  You could highlight an unfamiliar work or phrase, right-click, select Smart Lookup and see a panel on the right with more information.  How do we get this back?

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Which build are you using?  (I have it in insider fast, 8431.2022)

It's working for me also on Office Insiders Slow.  Can you type 'smart lookup' in the 'Tell me what you want to do' box with an email opened and does it trigger the feature (it does for me)?  Also, check 'Office intelligent services' is enabled or try toggling it off and on, just to see if it helps in Outlook Options in the General section.  Are you seeing Smart lookup appear in Word by the way?


Could have your network admins or someone else disabled it centrally, probably unlikely? You might also want to consider an Online repair if nothing else helps, assuming you are on Office 365 ProPlus.  The Online Repair option updates you with the latest build of Office 365 ProPlus.

Thanks for your reply!  I've not been on this site for a while.  I am an IT project manager that managed our O365 rollout earlier this year and I do recall seeing Office Intelligent Services at one time - now it no longer displays in my Outlook Options, so I'm checking with the Windows Systems Team to see if this was disabled.  Smart Lookup does not come up at all in the Tell Me area in either Outlook or Word.  We are running Version 1710 Build 86252.2127 and are not in Office Insiders (we're in the Govt space).


I'm very familiar with the Online Repair process, but that doesn't resolve this, so I'm thinking someone disabled it at some point. 

I have been trying to resolve this as well for an age. I stumbled upon this solution. In Outlook double click a word with the left button. The word will be highlighted. Click with the right button and the 'Smart Lookup' option appears. Hope this helps?