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Some of our users complaining when answering a mail or creating a new mail the signature automaticaly enters every letter they type. This does not happen every mail, so it is random. Even if I open the same mail again, one time it does other times it doesn't show op.


When they press enter or backspace its back to normal and the bug stays away for that specific mail. 

If you don't fix it and send it to the receiver its looks totaly normal. 


I have also already created a new signature because I thought it was an HTML problem, but the problem remains.


This is happing with version 16.0.16924.20054 and 16.0.16924.20042. i can't check older version because everyone is up to date.


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Hello, we also have the same problem.
No problems with 16827.20122 (version 2309)


@Gupje360  Are you using a signature add-in?

No we don't use a Add-in, they only thing we do is DisableRoamingSignaturesTemporaryToggle. Because signature roaming is hell with shared boxes.
Ok. Have you already created a ticket with Microsoft Support?
Sometimes maximizing and minimizing the email windows fixes the problem for one time, can you confirm this.

@burnit94 i made a ticket here: but there they told me to create a support ticket, but I still have to do this.


Backspace or a enter or changing the size of the screen will fix it. Even if you send the mail with the problem, the recipient sees the mail correctly.

I have already created a ticket with microsoft support.
Would be great if you could also create one.
Hello Gupje360 and burnit94,
We are currently having the same problem.
Was Microsoft Support able to help you?
Where did you create the ticket?

@IT_Heinz No i didn't fix the problem.


Here i posted the same problem and you see we are also not the only one. 


@Gupje360 @IT_Heinz

Can you please check your update channel for Microsoft Office?

You can find in the GPO --> Computer Configuration --> Administrative Templates --> Microsoft Office 2016 (Computer)/Updates --> Update Channel


What is the selected value?



I have same issue here.


Windows Server 2019

Outlook version: 2310, build 16924.20124


Someone has a solution?


@burnit94 @IT_Heinz Please read this Article


Gabriel Braton in the bottum tells a solution.