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In outlook for windows, you can choose either to see the number of unread items in every folder OR the number of all items in folders.


In Outlook for Mac (and the new outlook for windows) you can see the number of unread items, but there is no way to change this or even to see the total number of items.


Can anyone tell me how to see the total number of items (mainly in my Inbox).


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Hi @dslaterlseacuk 

Unfortunately, this is not possible with the New Outlook. Only if you use or switch back to Legacy (old).



Sorry but that is really nuts - we're talking aboiut an absolutely basic functionality - knowing how many emails are in a folder. And I can't dot this?? There is no way to get a count of the number of emails I have?????

Hi @dslaterlseacuk ,


the new interface is still in development, and I hope they will add this functionality. 


In meantime, you can revert back to legacy mode. While open Outlook, click on Help > Revert to Legacy Outlook.


I wish I have better news for you. 




Looks similar to this feedback post regarding the new outlook. I suggest upvoting this