Show Notifications On Top. Option was there and now it's gone...

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Not sure how to get a hold of someone over at Uservoice but please see this:


This option was rolled out a few weeks back and worked great.  All of a sudden the option just went missing.  No update on the UV page so not sure if something broke or what.  Does anyone know anything about this?  I had the checkbox on my machine and when I checked yesterday, the box is gone.



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Hm, they probably run into some issue and revoked the change (scary, but they can actually control some features server-side now). @Julia Foran might know more.

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Hi all,


It was not intentional to turn off the new feature. We've taken a look and made sure the feature is back on for everyone who had it before - Office365 subscription customers on Monthly Channel (Version 1803 or newer). Users will need to restart Outlook, up to 3 times, for the feature to be re-enabled.


Mike, can I ask you to reply back and confirm if this is now working for you as before?


Apologies to anyone who was affected by this; thanks so much for reporting!



Jenn Lu (PM on the Outlook for Windows team)



I closed and reopened Outlook and the checkbox is back now.