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I want to show one occurrence of a meeting as tentative.  Can this be done?


I have a recurring meeting that on occasion conflicts with other meetings.  I'd like to indicate which of the meetings I'll be attending.  If I try to change one occurrence to 'tentative', ALL occurrences change to tentative.  How can I indicate just one occurrence?


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@Andy_Draus Happy Workday to you.


Yes, you can change the details of one meeting of a series in both Outlook for Windows and Online.  

Outlook Windows

  • Double click on the meeting that you want to change.
  • The Open Recurring Item dialog box appears and prompts the user to open "Just this one" or "The Entire Series". See the image below.



Outlook Online

  • Double click on the meeting that you want to change.
  • Change the status and close the event


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