Show Delegate Mailboxes in All Accounts Mailboxes

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Hi there,


Just wondering if there was a way to show email from delegated mailboxes in the "All Accounts" consolidated mailboxes. In the macOS version of Outlook you can enable "Show all mail account folders" in the general tab of preferences. 


The "All Accounts" mailboxes don't consolidate email from anything that's a delegated account and only if the account is logged in and not a delegate account. Is this by design? 


Users with the company I work for have multiple emails and it's easier on setup to give their secondary emails delegation instead of logging that email into their Outlook but doing so doesn't show the emails that come into those mailboxes into the "All Accounts " mailboxes in the sidebar. 


Can anyone shed some light on this?



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1) Are you talking about Outlook for Windows?
2) "Users with the company I work for have multiple emails". Do you mean they have a default e-mail address and some aliases?

@Victor Ivanidze Apologies, this is for Outlook on macOS. 


No, the user will have different emails with different domains not just aliases. Upon set up to save time I will create their main account then create their secondary accounts and give delegation to the main account. When creating accounts in Outlook I will log in their main account then go add the other secondary accounts via delegation to save time. 


The only issue with this is some users like using the "All Accounts" drop down at the top of the sidebar and this doesn't show delegation mailboxes.