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Trying to share a user's mailbox with another user. We are not using the permission option under the admin portal as the permissions is only reviewer (not an option in the portal).  We set the permissions to reviewer for the individual and they are able to open the inbox from the File > Open & Export > Other User's Folder. But that only seems to give them the inbox and not sub folders. Not only that but it seems to open as a separate window and I want to have it listed as a mailbox like their own. This used to be an option but cannot seem to find it now.  Shared Mailbox again, dont think that will work, as I only want them to view the emails. Not delete. Thanks. 

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@Jeff Harlow Hey Jeff, when using folder permissions in Outlook the person who is sharing a mailbox must grant "Folder visible" permission on the root folder of the Exchange mailbox as well. If not configured you're not going to be able to view it properly in the navigation pane when it's being mapped. I found this explains it well

@ChristianBergstromYes. That is checked. 

@Jeff Harlow Then you just have to add it as an additional mailbox to get it "stuck" in the navigation pane and work the folder permissions as well (per folder).

@ChristianBergstrom I did that, but then they were only able to view the Inbox folder and no subfolders.  Geez. This would be simplified if MS would just give us a reviewer permission from the admin portal! 

@Jeff Harlow That would make things easier yes. But you do have PowerShell as well


This cmdlet differs from the Add-MailboxFolderPermission cmdlet in that it modifies existing permission entries.