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I am trying to setup a company calendar for events (a separate one for shipping).
I created a generic company profile in; then setup a new calendar that will be "shared". Once that was done, I shared it with myself - sending out an Invite to my email addy. It prompted me to sign in under the company@outlook profile but the newly shared calendar is not showing up under the Calendars of the users (desktop) Outlook program.
Now, when I go and add the company@outlook profile to the users outlook account settings, then (of course) the shared calendar pops up.
Is this the only way this can be done? It does not seem right to me as under my personal company outlook profile, I was able to share a calendar to several others without having to add my email account to their Outlook account settings.
Any suggestions/clarifications would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.

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When sharing a calendar in Outlook, there are a few methods to ensure that the shared calendar appears in the recipients' Outlook clients without needing to add the shared account to their Outlook settings:

1. Share the calendar directly:

    • In, you can directly share the calendar with others without needing to send an invitation. This method typically ensures that the shared calendar appears in the recipients' Outlook clients automatically.
    • To share the calendar directly, right-click on the calendar you want to share, choose "Share," and then enter the email addresses of the recipients. You can set the appropriate permissions (e.g., view only, edit) for each recipient.
    • Recipients should receive an email notification about the shared calendar, and it should appear in their Outlook client under "Shared Calendars."

2. Ensure proper permissions:

    • Make sure that the recipients have appropriate permissions to access the shared calendar. Without the proper permissions, the shared calendar may not appear in their Outlook clients.
    • Verify that you have shared the calendar with the correct email addresses and that the recipients have accepted the sharing invitation.

3. Check Outlook client settings:

    • Sometimes, the shared calendar may not appear in the Outlook client due to synchronization issues or incorrect settings.
    • Ask the recipients to check their Outlook client settings to ensure that the shared calendar is selected to be displayed. They can do this by going to the Calendar view, clicking on "Open Calendar," and then selecting "From Address Book" or "From Room List" to find the shared calendar.

If the shared calendar still does not appear in the recipients' Outlook clients after following these steps, there may be underlying issues with permissions, synchronization, or Outlook settings that need further investigation. In such cases, contacting your IT support for assistance may be necessary to troubleshoot the issue effectively.

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Here is a video on How to Share a Calendar in New Outlook. The steps align with @NikolinoDE post.




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