Shared Mailboxes - Best way to use on mobiles/tablets

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Is there any official way to use shared mailboxes on mobile devices like iPhone/iPad? I have a group of people here who need to check incoming emails to a shared mailbox and they want to do that whole being on the road and have no access to their full blown up desktop version of Outlook. I known I could direct them to OWA, but that's not fun on iPhone and they are really used to just one app for their emails.
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IIRC you can add it in the iPhone mail app.


I don't have an iPhone in front of me, but I think these are the steps:


Go to Settings. Click on Mail, contacts & calendars. Click on Add account.

Choose "other" as the type of the account.

On the next page you'll:
Enter Name.
Enter the email address of the shared inbox. (i.e. or something)
Enter the your personal password.
Enter a description.

When you're done you click next. On the following page you select IMAP.

Incoming mail server:
Host name:
Username: Your personal email, followed by "/nameofthesharedmailboxaccount" For example:
Password: Your personal email password.


Outgoing mail server:

Host name:

User name: Your personal email address.

Password: Your personal email password.



I'm not 100% sure about this as I don't have an iphone available to try this on. But I hope it helps. :)



Hello, is this still the only option if the user doesn't know the password to the shared mailbox? I can add it as I would any mailbox when I know the password to the shared mailbox but that isn't really a shared mailbox then. I'm not able to get the instructions above to work when I don't know the mailbox password.