Shared mailbox user activity data/reports

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My team has a shared mailbox that is used primarily by two members of the team.  There are some concerns that one of the two team members isn't doing their fair share of the work.  Is there a way to add filters or a column in the sent folder that would display which user sent a particular message, or a way to pull that data from somewhere?  I reached out to our IT dept and they weren't much help.  I am the owner of the mailbox, but do not have network admin-level access/security.  Between the two associates they respond to and forward 150+ emails per day from the mailbox, so scrolling through the sent folder with the reading pane on to see who sent each message, and then adding up the totals, isn't a viable option for comparing a couple months' worth of data.

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You can toggle the From column (right-click on any column name > field chooser > drag the From column to whichever position you require). Do make sure that sent messages are being saved in the Shared mailbox's Sent folder for this to work. While this is the default behavior, it can be toggled off by an admin.

Once the column is visible, you can sort/filter/group on it as needed. Or you can do the following: open the Sent items folder, CTRL+A to select all messages (or messages in the desired range), CTRL+C to copy the metadata, then paste it in an Excel workbook and use the sort/filter functionalities therein.
Thanks Vasil! I tried your suggestions, and unfortunately the From column simply displays the shared mailbox name, not something like "[username] on behalf of [mailbox name]". Is there a way to change the From column setting so that it displays the unique username instead of simply the mailbox name? I right clicked and went into View Settings, and couldn't find any obvious options for accomplishing that.
For more advanced customizations, you will have to use the method outlined here: