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Hi I work at wellsfargo and we use outlook 2016. We have created a shared drive inside our mailbox. We have created folders and what we are trying to do is mail that comes into the shared drive cannot be deleted by the users only by the admin. Second we wanted to get it set up so one person can be admin and delete the messages.  So in a nutshell we want users to not be able to delete the emails and the admin to be able to delete the emails.


If you can help that would be great

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Not sure what exactly you mean by "shared drive inside mailbox", but if you want to restrict operations such as delete, you will have to grant folder-level permissions instead of the Full Access ones. It's doable, but it adds more overhead for the admin staff, and the end users will probably need some guidance on how to access the shared folders.

Ok so I went to shared mailbox right clicked on the folder inside the inbox and went to properties. Then I went over to permissions. Then I clicked on persons name and in the drop down box I selected reviewer. Under read I selected full details and und r delete terms I put none and under write I didn’t select anything and under folder I selected folder visible. 


He still can delete the emails. I must be doing something wrong.

Did you remove the Full access permissions first?

there was no full access set up this is a new project

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Well, I would suggest you go ahead and verify the permissions via PowerShell:




And do the same for Full Access: