Shared Mailbox appears in Folder Pane, but not in Account Settings

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There's a user in my office who has access to a shared mailbox. It's only showing messages from the last 3 months, which I know how to change, by going into account settings. But when I look in Account Settings under Email Accounts, all I see is the one under his name. The shared mailbox is not there. But when I try to add it, it tells me he already has it. Why isn't the shared mailbox showing up under his email accounts? Is there some way I can change the settings even if it's not there?

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Hi FatSpielberg,

There are two ways to add a shared mailbox:

- Manually via the Outlook desktop app account settings. This is only possible when the shared mailbox is licensed.

- Via mailbox delegation. The shared mailbox will not be visible in Outlook desktop app account settings but will be linked to another licensed mailbox via the Exchange admin center. Please check: