Share to Teams not working

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I used to be able to share to Teams from Outlook but I think I reinstalled Office and now it doesn't work.  I have a Share to Teams button in the ribbon that is fully colored in.  When I use that a browser is opened and then the Share to Teams box opens like it used to.  Previously a browser did not open.  When I try to actually share to a Team I get an error message that says:

"! We're still setting up this team. Try again later."


When I open an email and hit the three dots I have a Share to Teams button that is just the outline (I believe this is the newer icon).  When I use that I get a different error message that says:

"The property does not exist.  The field you want to modify is not valid for this type of item."

I have uninstalled and reinstalled Teams.  I have rebooted.  I have checked for updates to Outlook.  I am running Outlook for Microsoft 365.

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I was able to resolve this by doing the following:

Doing an online repair of Office 365 seemed to resolve the 'property does not exist' error.


Still seemed to get the 'We're still setting up this team', however.

Realized that when clicking the channel to try to share, it was always populating from 'recent locations'. If we typed the channel name in full, and it looks it up from fresh, the share was successful.


This thread was opened a while ago - I am having this problem: I can share to some teams but not others. Even when I type the team name from scratch I get the same issue. It's extremely annoying. AFAICS the team properties are the same for th teams that work and don't - but maybe there's some hidden setting?