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Hi everyone, I have a problem with Outlook client. We have a set of rules (ie no system rule but a written rule) here at work that everyone who works at the administration should be able to see other people's calendars at the level "Can view titles and location". Previously, it was possible to go into Permissions and add the group "inst-forv" and give them "Can view titles and location" without it sent a mail or pointed out to those who are in that group. They just got the new rights to see more. But then sometime this spring this changed and now an email is sent to each one that I want to share my calendar with everyone in that group. You get an Accept button in the mail that also adds the calendar to your calendars.

The question is, can this behavior be turned off? I wish it was like before :)

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Just use PowerShell to assign the permissions. Sending the email notification is controlled via a parameter there, which you simply can omit.

@VasilMichev Per user? Not viable if I have to do it all the time a new coworker start working. And it is not only one group. More like 5 different groups that they can choice to give access to.

This is a real big problem and sure, PowerShell can solve the base problem but not the ease that they could do it they self with one easy guide on our intranet.