Share an overlay calendar to a client

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I need to find a way to share a calendar, wich combines the calendars of each of my team members, to the client. This calendar needs to be updated in real time. Then, he can choose a time period for the meeting.


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You can use the Bookings App.  You can include the Staff Members and ensure the settings are aligned with the staff members' availability. 


The client can click link for the Bookings App and choose the proper time and staff member.





Ok thanks!


Is there a way for the client to choose the proper time for the whole team? Because every Staff members need to participate in the meetings.



Currently, Booking does not support choosing multiple staff members.  It is a common request from users.


Feel free to give Microsoft Feedback regarding your requirement.  Add it to the list in the hope we influence change. :grinning_face:


As an fyi, Microsoft FindTime/Scheduling Poll requires an organizer to submit and propose dates and times to internal and external users. Once everyone responds with their availability, the system can "automatically" choose the best date and time.  But I get the feeling you want a hands-off meeting scheduler.  

I still hope you found this information is helpful.