Set up Microsoft account in Outlook 365 with the same alias

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Hello All,


I've the Micrtosoft account and this it is Office 365 account and account. I configured the two account in Office 365, but the two account doing download the same mailbox. I need that each the account will do download theirs respectives mailbox. Is it possible ? 


I saw that in the Office 365 is possible enable two steps verification, but I can't it.

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You should really move away from using the same alias for both MicrosoftID and OrgID, this is no longer supported as detailed here:

Hi Vasil,


Thank you your assistance. Perhaps I wasn't clear. This article not responde my doubts. Everything I want is set up my Microsoft account in Outlook 2016. How I sad, this account has two mailbox (an Office 365 Business and an other Personal) and has the same mail address. When I set up this account in Outlook 2016 I did download of the messages the mailbox Office 365, but I'd like download the messages the too. I have been configured it different servers to Office 365 and and I hadn't successful.