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Hi everyone, I am dealing with a very tricky situation concerning the sender's name. Here is the deal. I have an account and have created an additional gmail account to manage it. The account name is MY DOMAIN BUSINESS.

Now, I created in Outlook an Imap of the Gmail and set the account name as MY DOMAIN BUSINESS and then sent a test mail. When viewing my inbox, I can see that the sender is the MY DOMAIN BUSINESS as it should be. And here is the problem. If I choose to sent From > Other Email Address > and write which is under the main account, when viewing the inbox the sender's name is "info" and not MY DOMAIN BUSINESS. I know I could use the as an outlook account and not within the gmail but I need to have the oulook as a gmail clone and not a clone of my server. I need my server clean. How can I achieve this? All I need is the sender's name to be always MY DOMAIN BUSINESS no matter what account I have selected to sent from. Thanks.




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Hi @TheBigBanik, sorry if I misunderstood you, but why didn't you set 

"MY DOMAIN BUSINESS" as a display name of

@Victor Ivanidze I cannot do that. The account on Outlook is the Imap of the Gmail and the info is an addon in the Gmail so it cannot be handled as a different Account in Outlook (unless I add the info as a new account but that will Imap my Server and this is not what I need). I just hopped that the addon emails would appear as the main. Thank you anyway, but I am almost 99.9999999% sure that this cannot be done.

@TheBigBanik , what is "addon in the Gmail"? An alias address like that?


Something like that, you can create a normal Gmail account but you can also add another email from your server to manage it with the Gmail services. The reason I am doing this is that servers dont offer a mobile version of their webmail so it is very difficult to manage it through Horde or Roundcube which are the server's mail software. By adding this on Gmail, you use all Gmail features but for your own domain emails.



it looks you can set a display name here:



I have already done that, I use that settings for every email of my clients for almost 10 years now. My problem is when mapping the Gmail account to Microsoft Outlook. Outlook cannot handle the alias as an account so there are no options to set a display name.

Hi @TheBigBanik, understood.

Or do not use Outlook or do not use GMail alias but create a separate GMail account.