Set rule to auto organise email in public mailbox

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Hi, my teammate set a rule to redirect the email to the specified folder under our public mailbox.  However, when she left the company, the email rule is not working at all.  In this case, how to setup the rule can maintain the rule can be working properly, even though the person who set the rule is left the company?  Thanks.



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Call your ex-teammate.

@Victor Ivanidze impossible she doesn't has right to access the public mail box anymore :face_with_tears_of_joy:

Are the messages being delivered to the public folder and the teammate set up a rule to redirect or were they sent to the teammate and she used a rule to move to the public folder?

Hi @Cammi1375,


it looks like an organizational issue, not a technical one. Has anybody right to access? Did you ask your IT stuff to solve the problem?



@Diane Poremsky she set the rule redirect to the public mailbox but the rule is not working when her LAN ID disable.

My organization IT is suck, the teams SharePoint are always down. I almost giveup on this.
Let your ex-coworker explain somebody of your current coworkers (or you) what she did.