Sensitivity labels integration not working after latest update on Android & iOS

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Since the two latest updates for Outlook on Android and iOS (versions 4.2413.1 and 4.2414.0 respectively), integration with Purview sensitivity labels has stopped working. There is no icon/button to add a sensitivity label when you create a new email, neither the user gets prompted to apply a label (for policies that require that). Devices are enrolled and managed in Intune.


Is this a bug or did we miss something?

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Same issue I am alo facing. Can see in outlook and OWA but in Andorid managed outlook its not appearing

Same thing here, We are using Outlook 4.2414.1 on android on +700 tablet devices and the labels are unavailable. Because we are using these labels to flag mails that should be send securely this is leading to some serious security concerns.

Enrollement and management is through samsung knox.

Same issue for us. After speaking with Microsoft365 support they've advised they can't help and that this needs to be raised via App support directly. I have raised a case, and I've been batting back and forth to questions like "have you spoken to your IT helpdesk", even though I've already given them a wealth of information regarding the implementation and their own documentation which highlights how this should function.

Hopefully several tickets might expediate a fix. The instructions that 365 support gave me were as follows:
Kindly raise a ticket with the in-app support for dedicated support.
1. To do so, please click on your profile picture at the top left corner of the page.
2. click on the question mark button at the bottom left.
3. click on contact Outlook mobile support.
4. under "how can we help", click on "other" at the bottom.
5. on the "other" page, click on "other" again.
6. describe the issue you are faced with giving details of the Outlook mobile app version and when the sensitivity label feature last worked.
7. submit the request.

Thanks so much @adzric 


Have raised a ticket now.

We've encountered this same issue. Since on iOS/iPadOS & on Android, any staff with later versions no longer have sensitivity labels enforced, or the ability to set a label. Office apps on mobile still enforce sensitivity labels, and Windows devices work as expected.

Has anyone in this post got to a resolution yet? We're in a situation where we might have to stop all staff using mobile devices for email.

Honestly, I think Microsoft need to roll back as we have evidence early versions of the apps are working.

Organisation with labelling are a rare breed, organisations that enforce labelling are even rarer. This problem only prevents email for the organisations who enforce labelling, to those that "allow" labelling it's an inconvenience.

Given we're such a minority of the customer base and the lack of pressure that we create, I imagine it'll take quite some time for a fix to be implemented. I would suggest you raise a ticket to app support as per my previous post, the more noise we can make the better.

I've just got an heads up from Microsoft:


Indeed right now we got the confirmation that we have started to receive similar complaints and our team is already working on it.  I have recorded your case also to speed things up. Really appreciate your patience in the meantime.

Even we observed this issues and reported several weeks before. But till now NO FIX. MS keep checking the logs, but NO resolution.
Also MS told us that : the rollout is at around 66% of world wide tenants. So if you're part of the fix and it started working for you ?. please update here for general awareness. thankyou.
Microsoft have created a Service Health advisory, EX790725 'Users may be unable to apply sensitivity labels via Outlook mobile or the new Outlook for Mac'

Not being able to apply sensitivity labels might seem a mild inconvenience, but this has a knock on impact to Data Loss Prevention policies that have rules based on them. There is a risk incurred by relaxing or bypassing these policies in order to keep people working.
As per Microsoft update this issue is fixed now. we experience the FIX in our iOS and Android device. how about you ?.

@byodmdm Yeah, it seems to be working now, at least on a couple devices. Weird thing is they are all on version 4.2416.0 or 4.2417.0.


4.2416.0 released somewhere like a week ago and it wasn't working then so the problem appears to not be related to a certain app version.


Not sure what happened.

The fix has deployed to our staff now, likes like it works from 4.2416.0 onwards on iOS & Android.
I also confirm that it is now working again, both on Android and iOS. My understanding is that the issue was affecting a number of tenants and it wasn't coming from the Outlook mobile app.
Following on from the mobile app issue we all encountered, has anyone else encountered the exact same issue for Outlook web on mobile?

Sensitivity Labels appear if you select 'View Desktop Site', but not for 'Mobile Site'. So far tested this out on the following: Edge, Google Chrome, Safari. I noticed it when we were looking for an alternative to using the mobile app, I assumed it was related but this doesn't appear to be the case.

Is there any issue with sensitivity labels in MacBook's?
From past two weeks we observed that users unable to use sensitivity labels in MacBook and unable to open documents which is applied with secret sensitivity

have you maybe tested as well with a shared mailbox in Outlook for iOS?
Cause, we have the issue exactly with a shared mailboxes now.

Maybe someone faces the same issue as well?
Update : Sensitivity label handling issues again appearing on Outlook App for iOS with version 4.2421.0. but not with the legacy Outlook iOS version 4.2420.0 or 4.2419.0 or Outlook android app. do you also see the same ?. Error : If someone is labeling a mail with "Encrypted Recipients Only" and the recipient wants to replay, Outlook is generating a error messages which claims "Error sending message"