Sending email through Outlook smtp using third party app - it is permissible?

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I want to send router and backup alerts via email and I have configured the backup and router software  to send the alerts via the Outlook smtp.  I know it works as I successfully tested it.  However after a few hours the account has been frozen for violating acceptable use regarding spamming.  Is prohibited to do this?  It is certainly technically possible to do it as I have done it and it works.  I had to supply my mobile to get a code to unlock the account.  Will that satisfy Microsoft that I am not using the account for spamming?  I cannot find a definitive statement of whether it is allowed to do what I am doing.  To be on the safe side I have disabled the alerts until I know.  If this is going to keep on happening and I risk a ban then I will have to find another solution.  Thanks for any assistance

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