sending email is broken in 15.32

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after running the auto update for office 365 today, my outlook can no longer send, or reply or reply all to email. *outlook for mac

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You should create a new profile and if it still doesn't work, you should contact support.

I ran into the same problem.  I was forced to remove the installation of Outlook, remove the outlook profile, re-install and recreate the profile.  


I am cautious as new Outlook updates come out with this issue.  


Monitoring this conversation for a true fix.

It appears the for me, I had a bad add-in (Cisco Webex) that caused my issues.  After removing the plug-in the update worked correctly and I was once again able to create new messages as well as reply, forward and work with my mail.

Same for me. I removed the Cisco Webex plugin and Outlook started behaving as normal again.