Sending e-mail with encryption/signed on new Outlook for Mac - UPDATE

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When sending an e-mail that is signed/encrypted with an SSL-certificate, the attachment is lost. This should be fixed with update:


I'm running Outlook for Mac build 16.66 and the problem isn't fixed. Something has changed though:

I'm sending and e-mail that is digitally signed from account A to account B within the same new Outlook environment. When the e-mail is sent with an attachment the e-mail received at account B has an empty attachment named "smime.p7m" that is 0 kB. If I stop Outlook and reopen it, it shows the correct attachment for a couple of seconds then it changes to "smime.p7m". 


UPDATE: I've discovered this behaviour is only shown in the preview pane of the new Outlook. When I doubleclick to open a message I do get a perfect attachment in the new window. Closing the message the attachment is perfectly shown in the preview pane until I go to another message and back. After this, the attachment is failing again.





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