Senders Using Obscured Email Address's

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I frequently get (spam) emails from organizations using an email address that, seemingly, cannot be determined in any easy way using the Outlook application from Microsoft Office. When I try to block these emails, the block fails as the address is obscured. 


How can I find these obscured email address so that I can block them?

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Obscured in which way? Can you post an example and/or screenshot?
When you look at the Internet Headers, which sending address is shown there?
Open the message via a double click-> File-> Properties-> section: Internet headers
I want to attach an example of an Obscured email address, but find no way to add the attachment for this reply.

I usually do not completely open the email, using the preview page and then right clicking on Junk and trying to stop all email's from this vile company. That does not work as the email is obscured. So you suggest opening it up all the way and going to Properties to see which email address was used, opening up Junk Mail, and copying and pasting the address? There should be an easier way!