Sender Name Incorrect - Gmail to Outlook for Mac

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Hello All,

This is going to be a tricky one to diagnose - As we have a Gmail Account syncing to Outlook for Mac, so we don't know if the issue is a Google, Microsoft or an Apple issue.
I have spent the last 30mins talking with a tech from Google, they have logged in to our Gsuite account and confirmed all is correctly setup on that side. So we are now trying the Microsoft side.

We have a staff member who had a different surname when she joined our company. She was married last year, her surname changed and we updated this on the Gsuite side. These changes successfully synchronized with Outlook 365 on a windows PC that she was using at the time.
However, last month, the design team were all moved to Macs for their work and their Microsoft 365 subscriptions were moved across.
Since this change (around 2-3 weeks ago) the sender name in Outlook for Mac has reverted her name to the old one.
We have checked Gsuite is all set up with the correct name and whenever I use Google to search for help online, each time we navigate to the location they suggest on the Mac, it is always the correct name displayed.

So we have been unable to find where the issue is located.

The Google tech did suggest that the issue may be due to a sync issue in outlook,
"it is Outlook that has not updated the information of the contacts properly and deleted outdated info"
I am hesitant to remove the account and re-add it to see if this corrects the issue - so was hoping maybe someone may know if there is a button or a hidden option somewhere that will allow us to correct this issue.

On a side note - where the name shows up in the accounts option of outlook, the name does not have the option to be changed (I assume as it is being synced from Gmail)?

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Hi @DMCBDA.  Did you end up resolving this and, if so, how?  We are experiencing exactly the same issue.
We have verified that e-mail sent using Gmail (via goes exactly as it should.

We went the additional step of deleting the account from Outlook, restarting Outlook, and re-adding the account.  In that case the read-only sender name updated with the correct information from Google BUT e-mails are still being sent from the old sender name.
Our next move is to set up using IMAP rather than the using Outlook's built-in Gmail support but that's significantly more complicated administratively.  I'm hoping you have the easier answer.



I have exactly the same issue with an account for a non profit. I took over from another person. In gmail I have changed the name - but outlook sends the old name.


The iOS client sends the new name.


It does not appear to be the profile. I set up the outlook client on a new computer that had never seen the old name and it still "found" the old name somewhere. I have looked in the mail account definition in the profile and it has the correct name.


Something in outlook/exchange has cached the name and I can't find it.



I too have the identical problem for a non profit organisation - I inherited the generic gmail account associated and reset that with my information on Gmail. All works fine and mail sent direct from the webmail portal shows my name. However on my iMac using Outlook, the previous postholders name appears in the senders info.

I have reset the Outlook account, and the card for this email address only shows my name, so am trying to find where the previous person's name is stored so it can be deleted......