Send To - Mail Recipient not working with Office ProPlus update



This may seem like something trivial, but I am accustomed to sending attachments in emails straight from Windows Explorer, by right clicking the file and choosing Send To - Mail Recipient, which then opens a new email with attachment in Outlook.

I am using Outlook ProPlus 8229.2073, and for the last week or so this hasn't been working. When I choose the file and the option, my screen seems to refresh, and all my programs are shown again, also my Windows Explorer view is closed.

Has anyone had a similar problem?



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I'm on 8201.2102 and it is working ok.

Microsoft did recently release some bad updates for Office products that broke some functionality like searching and opening attachments. I don't know if your version is affected or not.

There's a reason people stay on deferred builds :) I also have no problem with the feature, but dont get me started on all the crappy updates we've had lately...

Yeah, that's an excellent point!

I also didn't like the fact that you can no longer right click on the top of the navigation view to order by send, now you have to go digging into the context menu for a message in order to sort the messages by sender. Still, I suppose it's a question of tastes (at least the latter point).

Hopefully there will be a fix sharpish!

Same here. :(



I'm pleased to report it's now working, version 1707, build 8326.2073 :)

I am on version 1708 build 8431.2079 and have this same problem. Any help to fix would be appreciated.

Yeah it was working, and it is broken again with another update. I'm now on Version 1708 and build 8431.2079 too.

1708 (8431.2107) is the latest build on the deferred channel, and it seems to be working fine there.

Thanks, it's working again (now on 8528.2139).