Send emails are not available in original send box

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Hi everyone,


I am having a problem with displaying emails in the sent box.

The question is the following:
I have two accounts added to my Outlook, let's call one from "a" and the other from "B". What happens to me is that if I send emails from account B, these emails instead of being displayed in the sent box of account B, they are displayed in the A account.
But if I send from the A account, they are normally shown in the A account as it should be, and not in the B account.

Could you tell me how to solve this problem?

Thank you.

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It depends on the type and permissions of the mailbox that you have configured as additional. Either you can change your regedit as instructed below to configure your sent items to be stored in the original mailbox. Alternatively, if you're an admin, you can make the changes on the mailbox itself so it is replicated to all who has access to it.
Instructions for both are listed below

Hi @Dairon2222,

Check the permissions of each accounts, was it set that B is sending as A?
Confirm if there any rules in Outlook to affect this. 


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/Temitope Victoria

Hi, thank you for your help, the permissions are ok, but issues as solved only following the Gayathri-VGM comments
Hi, thank you, issue was solved following your help :)