Seeking help with Outlook - Cannot Open Outlook

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Hello, just have run into a problem with Outlook. My employment ended recently and my employer locked my email account on Microsoft Exchange. I did not remove this account from Outlook beforehand, and now when I try to launch Outlook it does not, asking to log in to the locked school account. I tried re-installing MS365 and removing notions of the school account whenever I could find them, but it seems nothing helps. Could somebody give a piece of advice on what else I could do to clear up inactivated school account and launch Outlook with my personal Gmail only? I cannot contact my school IT team, since they do not respond to any emails outside their organisation. Cheers, Alex

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Hi Alex
First off. Check if other office software open and report they are activated.
To do this, Open Word and click on File - Account.
There it will indicate that your software is Activated.
You also need to make sure that the office package you using has Outlook available.
Second thing.
Go to Start - look up control panel.
In control panel "Mail ( Microsoft Outlook )" if you don't see it change your view to Small icons.
In Mail settings go to Show Profiles
Add a new profile and configure for your Gmail account.
Then in the Always use this profile box select your new profile.
Outlook should then open with your Gmail account settings configured.