Search result flags and categories are not visible in Outlook 2016

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I have a problem with Mircrosoft Outlook. The column for tracking the status (red flag / green check) is not working correclty, when I use the search bar.
A mail that is marked with a red flag doesn't show it if I use the search bar, see attachment.
The red flag appears again if I abort the search.


*Office repair performed

*Office reinstall performed

*New Profile

*PST deleted

*View Settings checked.


Could you give me any suggestion about this case?

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Hi @KrisztianTerek,


I completed a test with no issues.  Can you confirm that you have the latest updates? 



@Teresa_Cyrus Yes,the latest version is installed

Hi KrisztianTerek


Here is the link to a Microsoft solution for Outlook 2016 - Search results not showing categories or flags.  Would you mind confirming if this solution worked?


Have a good day.