Search Folders - Desktop Only?

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Seems I missed the boat on Search Folders. Can't live with out them, but am I correct, they are the way of the dodo bird?   I don't seem to be able to see Search Folders on Android or Outlook on the web. What are my options to get this similar feature across platforms, other than the obvious rules and alerts. Issue with them is, Search Folders leave the email in the Inbox, but allows for filtering. When Rules and Alerts MOVE items out of the Inbox, it breaks my workflow and I miss items.


I'm an Office 365 E4 customer, using Exchange Online.

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Surely you can create a rule that applies a category or simply use "conditional formatting" to highlight messages based on certain criteria?

I like your thinking, I'll give them a try. AND categories and/or conditional formatting will be across Web and Android / IOS?



Categories yes, conditional formatting only on the desktop I think. There goes my brilliant idea... :)