Scheduling Assistant - No dropdown for time

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I have a user that reported an issue recently. Running Version 1811 Build 11029.20079
Creates a Meeting Invite, goes to Scheduling Assistant.

At the bottom of the window you normally see the Start/End Time drop downs for Date and Time. This user does not get a Time Dropdown. Instead it shows Time Zone drop downs. I cannot replicate this anywhere else.  

The attached shows the expectation. User does not see the drop downs in my attachment. How to get them??

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Not sure how to get them, apart from updating to a more recent version. Doesn't clicking on another timeslot update the text fields for time at least, he can just use that as workaround?

@THERESA KUEHNDid you ever find a fix for this? I have a user who has had this for some time now - perhaps at least since February this year.

We've had her on both x86 and x64. Updated all drivers. Attempted to run with outlook.exe /safe, removed software that imported add-ins to Outlook, disable hardware acceleration, and even gave her a new PC. Issue still returned within 24 hours.

I'm wondering if it's something that might be downloading from her .ost over time, but not sure if that would make sense - just the only logical thing I can think of at this point.

@basikly  does the problem occur on every computer the users opens her mailbox on? If so, it could be a corrupt form in the mailbox. 

@Diane_Poremsky_MVPThanks for the reply.

I had the person sign into my PC, and I'm having her .OST download while I continue using it on my profile. It didn't show anything after about 2 days, but I rebooted my machine, had her sign in again, and will see if I can replicate.


The ost is just my wild theory right now. Hoping that something shows up on it, or someone sheds light on another fix we might be overlooking.


Definitely an odd problem. This post is the only other thing I have found online with a similar issue.

@basikly I asked support about it - they have one case where it randomly happens and  they could not repro it, so no solution. 


One thought - have you cleared forms cache on the computer? 

I haven't, but anything is worth a shot. I'll sync up with her and follow up here. Thanks for the idea!

@basikly  What version of office does the user have installed? Are all updates installed? 


Hi Diane,


No luck with clearing the cache form unfortunately. I also had her sign back into my laptop to check on her profile, but no luck reproducing.


The newer PC was just imaged perhaps last Wednesday. Our environment only pushes out the monthly MS security patches, but we stay behind a month (so right now we're on May security patches).

We are running on 16.0.10730.20348, x86. We're on the semi annual channel across the company. Our Windows updates are managed by a group policy, so we're unable to perform updates from settings. If there are any updates from KB's you're aware of that you think might help though, we can download them from the Microsoft Update Catalog and try them out.


You mentioned you asked support and they could not reproduce the issue. Did you mean that they could not reproduce it on their side, or the customers? My customer has this without fail, not sure if they'd like to gather any information for it?

@basikly  Microsoft could not repro it inhouse. 

@basikly  BTW, the customer should open a support case on this. 

@basikly I too have a user with this - did you ever resolve?



Hi John,


Unfortunately not. I'm not quite sure what to do a this point, so she's reluctantly dealing with it while I try to keep my ears on the ground to find anyone else in our company or online with this peculiar issue. Though there's a workaround by selecting time windows above that drop down, it's not as efficient as she'd like it to be.