Saving attachments in office 365 group site not available anymore

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Hi, I was using the ability to save mail attachment to Office 365 Group SharePoint sites from the Outlook client using the attachment menu. The option is not there anymore (and I'm still member of some O365 groups). Anyone having this issue?

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I still have it on two different machines with different builds of Outlook. Which build are you on?

@Vasil Michev , I'm on build 11601.20126 version 1904.


This new option when clicking on an attachment menu was available to me lately on my Outlook client. However, one of my customer has this option since last year and I never understood why it was not available in my Outlook client. I'm on first release.


Here is a screen shot of my attachment menu. The options where there last week.




2019-04-26 13_59_53-.png

Probably removed in a recent update, I would recommend staying away from the FR builds if you want more predictable experience...

@Vasil Michev 

Do you know if it is possible to be first/target release on SharePoint and standard release on Office?



Yes, since we have granular control over which version/build of Office we can install on devices.

@Vasil Michev , I still does not have the ability to save attachments from Outlook Desktop to O365 SP sites. I've talked with 2 partners and they don't see this option in Outlook. Me and my customer are on the same build 1906 but they have the "Upload" option for attachments... This is very strange. I've read other posts and there seems to be a lot of confusion regarding this feature.


So my question is : Is this feature available in Outlook desktop? If yes, what needs to be done to have the feature (or could prevent to get the feature)?


Also, my customer is currently having issue with this feature. When they save attachments, the name of the file is filled with a lot of underscores and unreadable. They had the issue in April and was working afterward. Now it is back....