Save recieved contacts to own contacts



Once upon a time, there was the option, that I could easily "save as" a contact someone send me via email.

These days it seem to be a bit more complicated. Here is what I have todo in order to get the contact information someone send me via an e-mail attachment into my own contact list.


1) Email with attachment arrives. I click on the attachment (looks like a vcf with symbol and name and "Outlook item" in a second line)

2) The Contact opens stating (Read-Only) in the title, which makes sense, because I just opened an attachment from an e-mail

3) If I dare "Save As" it as a standard .vcf I get only rubbish when double clicking that again.

4) I have to be clever enough to save it as "Outlook Item".

5) If I double click on that .msg I suddenly get the option "Copy to My Contacts" under Ribbon Contact/Subsection Actions.


The clarify, that option is NOT there, if I open the attachment in the first place, only after I manually save it as .msg and reopen that .msg in outlook.

Now I am wondering if this is some new called feature, a simple bug (because again once upon a time I was able to do just that in earlier outlook versions) or I am simply to dumb to find the option to turn that feature back on.


Would be nice if anyone could enlighten me how I get a direct save back. :)


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sadly not. The link explains .vcf, but I was talking about a contact send as "Outlook item" aka .msg. Right-clicking that item does not give me a direct "Save to own contacts" option (hint:hint:dev: which would b nice)
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If it is Forwarded as an outlook contact, you should be able to open the attachment then click Save and Close to add it to the default contacts. Ignore the read-only part - it won't be editable until it's saved and reopened.  (contacts forwarded as vcf will be editable before save and close)


Or you can drag the attachment to People and drop - that will add it to the default contacts folder too.


thanks for the drag and drop to People option, honestly I guess I would have never though about that one, but it is by far the best option (although the direct save button in the ribbon wouldnt hurt either, would it?)

Thank you!!!

Save or Save & Close isn't adding it to contacts? Opening either appointment or contacts attached to email and saving them should add them to the default folder for your account. 

It does not, which is why I opened this thread in the first place ;)