Save changes but don't send update: it this feature gone for delegates?

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1) Some of my colleagues used to have the option 'Save changes but don't send' when adjusting e.g. text in an invitation as a delegate (their manager). They no longer see this option. Has this been removed or changed?

2) when I add a person to an invitation as a delegate (for a manager e.g.), I no longer get the option to send it only to that one added person, it will be sent to all. Has this changed recently?
I cannot find any updates on these two examples in the roadmap.
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Regarding your #2, the "Send Update to Attendees" dialog was removed from Outlook Desktop when calendar sharing was upgraded to RESTful APIs. You are not the only one to miss the larger control that functionality gave delegated users, where they could restrict small meeting updates from being sent to all attendees.



Good news is we have been working on the code that will bring that dialog back for Outlook Desktop delegates. You can expect it to be released around mid-2023! :smile:


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@Gio thanks for the swift reply. Could you also answer my first question please? In your reply you mention this is the answer to question #2. Thank you in advance. 

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@Katjavw those more flexible options on Outlook Desktop were removed some time back for when a delegate is updating the principal's calendar (it was not removed when the delegate was updating their own personal calendar), but there are ongoing changes to bring back that power of control to the end user/delegate. 

But even after they are brought back, what will still not be possible is to change the time/date values of a meeting without sending an update. This type of change cannot be saved locally, as it would create inconsistencies between the different versions of the same meeting held by different attendees.






Its mid 2023. I have the option to save but dont notify. My coworker does not. We are both running the same version of outlook. Whats the deal?

@Gio has there been any movement on restoration of this function?

Curious if anyone has seen any updates on this?