Safe Domain Clarification Needed


Hi All,


For the Business Standard MS365 subscription plan, can a user add a safe domain to the Safelist? For example, if a user adds the domain to the safe list, everyone with this domain should be considered a safe sender. Right? Or does the user have to include all sender's email addresses?

I thought it was possible until I read Overview of the Junk Email Filter (

It states in part, By design, safe domains are not recognized by default in Exchange Online or Exchange Online Protection.


The screen below shows the syntax for adding both sender & domain, so now I am confused. Personally, I have added several domains to the safe list and am second-guessing if it is actually working.

As a best practice, I know that users should not add major host domains, like,,, etc., to the safe list.  But my client was asking about his partner's firm. 



I appreciate any help you can provide.



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Any update on this as I too am confused by the wording on that article.



I did not get any response or clarification.


I do know you can block a domain but it is still unclear if I can add the domain to the safe list. 

I will do some more investigating over the next several weeks.