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My Outlook rules stopped running last night for some unforeseen reason. When I try to go in an edit a rule and Apply it, I am getting the attached error. This happens even with rules that don't indicate 'stop processing rules'. I contacted our IT department, but they said I have to recreate all my rules. I am really hoping that I don't have to do that. Any other suggestions? 



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@AndiRobinson Hello, are you using server-side or client-only rules? If using the former you could create a new Outlook profile. It's not necessarily a "problem" receiving that prompt when you're using multiple rules while editing them, but you do mention that the rules don't apply any longer. As the problem suddenly appeared without interaction it's difficult to troubleshoot and perhaps your IT departments recommended solution is the way to go.


If your rules contains both options, the server-based rules are applied first followed by the client-only rules. Good to know.

@ChristianBergstromI was using client-side. I tried several different things and it seemed to be just getting worse, so I started recreating them server-side, which actually is ending up being easier.  

@AndiRobinson Yay, that's the way to go!