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I have recently added a Web based email provider but still want to use Outlook (2019) as my front end. At present I created a new Profile for the IMAP based account but still want to access my existing POP3 based account until all contacts have updated to my new email address.

My issue is with Rules in that I assumed that Rules would be applied at the Account level but that appears not to be the case as they seem to be applied at the Profile level. Based on advice from another thread I then added the condition "message has arrived through the ********* Account" to one of my rules as a test. However, when checking the Rule in the other Account I find that the same Account reference has also been applied in that Account which is clearly not what I want to happen.

This leads me to think that the Rules are applied at Profile level and not at Account level despite A different account being specified in the Rule settings.

Has anyone a similar experience or suggested solutions?

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