Rules between Exchange Online and On prem Exchange

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I have an environment where we are transitioning from on-prem exchange and 365. Our GP boxes have not moved yet, but users want to transfer message from personal boxes which have moved, to the GPs which have not. They had previously been using rules for this.

Normally I'd say forward them and call it a day, or manually drag them, but in our org forward *cannot* be automatic and each and every message must be categorized as containing technical data or not, so the rule stops to engage that for every single message. A copy rule can be done, but that still leaves the original one in the mailbox cluttering things up-and is a client side rule besides-this person requires these messages to get moved all the time, whether he's in office or has outlook open or not, and so needs a server rule. We tried creating it with exchange online, but it just didn't work.


Any ideas?

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